Reports in Catalan published online

Spanish and Catalan

Below there’s a couple of links of reports published in the online Catalan media Vilaweb, with infographics and video as well.

  • Report on pederasty: after a teacher of a private school in Barcelona was denounced for several abuses, many other pedophile cases emerged. With a colleague, we researched the topic: the difficulties that victims have to denounce the aggression, the problems that this denounce can generate, the profile of the pedophile, ways to detect the abuse and preventive measures. We also interviewed a survivor who opened a center to help victims.
  • Report on the ‘wagyu’ meat and all the myths surrounding it. We discovered what makes this meat so special, and how to know if it’s the real one. We went to a dairy farm where some local cows were inseminated from wagyu bulls, and the farmers explained their “experiment”.

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